What is distinctive about Methodism

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                                              What is distinctive about Methodism?

The Methodist Church is a mainstream Christian Church, It works in partner-ship with other denominations whenever possible. But there are certain emphases in the Methodist culture   which make it distinctive,



ALL CAN BE SAVED;   Methodists hold an inclusive theology; NO ONE is beyond the reach of God's love.


ASSURANCE;    John Wesley became aware of an immense sense of "blessed assurance" at his conversion.


LIVING A HOLY LIFE;   Methodists are asked to surrender our lives to God's will. "Social holiness " is important.


A GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT.  Ordinary lay people have always played a major part in running the Church.


A COVENANT WITH GOD;   Methodists celebrate a special Covenant service annually, usually at the new year.


"BORN TO SING",   Singing our faith has  has always been important to Methodists, Charles Wesley wrote hundreds of well-loved hymns.


SMALL GROUPS;   Methodism began in the context of small groups of Christians seeking to take their faith seriously and apply it to their lives.


METHODISTS AND THE BIBLE;   The Methodists founding documents emphasise a call to "Scriptural holiness"



    Methodists reflect using Scripture, reason          

 tradition and experience of God in our lives.


The Connexion   Methodists belong to local Churches, but also feel part of a larger community throughout Ireland, the Connexion.

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