The Problems caused by the lack of a working Executive

28 September 2017

'The Hippocratic Oath contains these words "First, do no harm." I wish this was part of an oath taken by those elected to our Assembly. Currently, we are devoid of our elected Assembly and the outcome of this is the inability to adequately address the tsunami of problems bearing down on our worlds of education and health.

Because of the lack of an Executive, we have the plight of MS suffers being unable to be given drugs which are freely available elsewhere in the United Kingdom; Members of the public experiencing the cancellation of medical procedures repeatedly. There is also the plight of the elderly who are suffering as a result of cutbacks in the provision of domiciliary care with the result that many are unable to be discharged from hospital.

I appreciate the bind that all of this has put on those Senior Civil Servants charged with carrying out the work of their Departments but I am adding my voice to those who have spoken out on these matters and am calling on our politicians to strive even further in their dialogue so that a resolution of these problems could be brought about quickly.'


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